Optimal health

The way we perceive health is dramatically changing. We are no longer satisfied with reactive medicine, where you see your doctor only once you are ill. Instead at Crockett and Crooke we have changed the doctor patient paradigm by using the latest science to tailor medical and lifestyle solutions to your needs. Helping you to live longer disease free, feel better and be the best you can be.

Johnathan C Chairman Asia Phillips

Ran and Andrew are determined to stay at the cutting edge of health optimisation and have an obvious passion for helping individuals exceed their personal goals - which in turn leads to greater success and happiness both professionally and personally.

Jonathan C, Chairman Asia, Phillips

After only a few months working with Ran and Andy, my health has really been tuned up.

You don't need to be a scientist nor a sports star to get real benefit from switching to an optimal health mindset, for me it's added a level of insight that makes what I was doing better.

Barney H, CCO, The Gym Group

Barney H The Gym Group
Ed Draper

Had a fantastic experience with Crockett and Crooke. They expertly talked me through the assessments and analysis. Very informative and a catalyst for me to make changes. Recommend the service heartily! Great kit, great people.

Ed D, Sports broadcaster

As a performance coach myself, I have always adopted a train smart approach to training. Using the performance testing with Andrew and Ran allows me to fine tune my own training accordingly to ensure that I maximise my time in the gym. If you want specificity to what you do, I highly recommend booking a test with these guys. "Knowledge is power"

James G, Fitness Coach, Bamford Haybarn Spa at the Daylesford Farm

James Golden aka the fitness pro

Dr Andrew Crockett and Dr Ranulf Crooke formed Crockett and Crooke in order to satisfy a shared passion and interest in the applied science of longevity and performance medicine. Working in tandem with patients to create bespoke and unique programmes for each individual, the team takes an adaptive approach to help people to explore their full potential through optimisation of exercise and sleep physiology, cardiometabolic health and psychological resilience. 

From those with specific health or performance goals through to those looking to maximise their years of healthy life, free of chronic disease, through a thorough exploration of personal and family history, genetics, biochemistry, cardiometabolic analysis, innovative health and sleep tracking, our team works with you to design a program just for you.